Kelli Filkin's Later Years.

Some of you guys may have heard of an eBay scammer, Kelli Filkins along with her now-divorced husband, Michael Filkins, right? Well I got some news for you guys.

An eBay fella known as noledu1914 has posted this 2 days ago. He said,

"Just spoke with her husband Michael Filkins who still installs drywall in the Caro-Flint, Michigan area. In time, Kelli Filkins went to jail is now out and she lost custody of her kids. They're with the grandparents."

This, which means, that the children is now safe with her grandparents, but not safe when the big, fat EVIL blond bitch released from her cage, wandering around and continuing scamming on others at eBay.

noledu1914 also added,

"She ended up scamming, then divorcing her own husband. She is still hiding. There may be further warrants out for her. A life ruined by scamming others and then giggling at her victms' losses, smirking at her 'gain'."

Original message by noledu1914:- eBay General Discussion Boards link

Y'know, I was kinda suspicious about her "smirking". I mean, what did she got from all this scamming? Does she think that she'll get money that easily? Or is she planning to ruin other people's life? Or both? And like noledu1914 said, there may be further warrants on her ass. She's still hiding, but she won't be last for long. She'll be found around the next couple of weeks or so.

And to those of you who don't know who's Kelli Filkin is, here's something that'll refresh your memory a bit:-

And this is Munir bin Julaihi reporting, signing out. ;)


karensmithmusic said...

You can see this idiot on You Tube. It is called: Judge Judy - Second to None (2008). It is a 2 hour video, but go to the last 15 minutes or so and you will see her in action. I couldn't believe she was so stupid, and I stopped and looked her up. I was glad to see she had some fallout from this. What a horrible person!

Chris Connell said...

She died recently. She wasn't a nice person but I guess Karma gets everybody in the end. Rip

Brian Wohlgemuth said...

Well she's no longer consuming oxygen. Let's hope her kids are going to be ok.

JosephP said...

I believe Kelli Filkins died on January 26, 2017.

Gun Nut said...

This sorry bitch is dead, my only hope is she was dispatched by someone she scammed.

Gun Nut said...

She's dead... My only hope is she was killed by one of her victims.

Moon Pie said...

Kelli Filkins died a month ago she was 36 and reason for death unknown.
She was so evil on the Judge Judy show I had to look her up.
Links to her prison record seem hard to find.
Her mother was raging on Mydeathspace just today.

AlexisAR said...

I hope her mom has lots of time on her hands if she is going to hunt down every site where the late Kelli is maligned to harass anyone who had anything negative to say about her.

alittlebird said...

Karma IS definitely real. Nothing to mess with. Truth always prevails eventually.

Lucas Filkins said...

I’m her son, cool she scammed people on eBay doesn’t mean she deserved to die how she did. She paid for what she did and she was the best mom I ever could’ve asked for. All of you posting about her without even knowing her is fucking sickening

Gun Nut said...

She is still a scammer.