"I've been struggling to make this..."

I've been struggling to make this one project and it never done until this year. I have no idea that this requires more than one lesson.

I receive a request from a friend of mine to make him a music video but until to this year, I still can't finish it. The more I spend my time on it, the more the slower process, especially when it comes to rendering. Goodness, that took me almost a day just to finish render ONE SHORT-CLIP. Also, the hardest part for me is making a hole in Terra's body. I tried to use a simple blood splatter texture but it didn't work the way I wanted. And some of the animations got messed up after saving them so I have to figure out how to fix this.

If I have to forcefully myself to make other clips, then I have to leave the clip where Aqua grabs Terra's heart and I'll work on other clips.

Unfortunately, I don't have the teaser ready yet as it's not finished. I only done rendering a few clips and hopefully this project won't end up being cancelled. Damn, this is too hard for me...